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PCB Fabrication

Release time: 06/08/2018

We are specialized in circuit board manufacturing and prototype assembly on a quick turnaround; PCB Fabrication including HDI PCB, RF PCB, EXTREME Copper PCB, Aluminium core PCB, PCB Assembly, Rigid-flex circuits, Flex Printed Circuits etc circuit board fabricator. 

Hemeixinpcb specializes in pcb fabrication and PCB assembly, including prototype and production circuit boards. Hemeixin PCB aslo is a  highest PCB technology PCB maker or Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer in china.


Hemeixin PCB is a one-stop PCB fabrication house capable of handling complex PCB fabrication and assembly for prototype & production runs


Our instant PCB online quote only applies on prototype pcb fabrication, small and mid-volume orders. To get your circuit board price, all fields are required. If you need a quote for PCB assembly and pcb fabrication, aslo you can send sales@hemeixinpcb.com .