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You do not know the powerful flexible circuit board

Release time: 05/10/2018

The flexible circuit board uses a high reliability and excellent flexible PCB material made of polyimide or polyester film. The characteristics of the  flexible circuit board  include high-wiring density, light weight, thin and good flexibility, which can be manufactured using the same components as therigid printed circuit board, which is the same as the rigid printed circuit board The different flexible circuit board allow the circuit board to be in the application of the necessary (assessed), which is very popular in today's PCB manufacturing process. Of course, the flexible circuit board is the most high-end, complex complete components, is the most specificity of the electronic circuit board, the hard drive and the desktop printer of the flexible circuit board is the modern portable electronic device, hard drive and desktop printer. Of course, the powerful technology is not only this point of application of the industry is more common - especially in the transport industry, the resistance of the flexible circuit board itself is very strong, so in the industry is welcome in this industry.

flexible circuit board

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