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Severe printed circuit board wiring rules

Release time: 14/10/2018

In the printed circuit board, wiring is an important part of product design. It is accurate to say that all the previous work is prepared for wiring. In the entire printed circuit board design, the wiring design process is the most restrictive, the technical requirements are the finest, and the workload is also the largest. The wiring of the printed circuit board directly determines whether the printed circuit board can work normally. The wiring is divided into three levels: the first layer is the cloth. This is the basis of wiring. The second layer is to implement the circuit function to meet the electrical performance, which is a measure of whether a printed circuit board is qualified. The third layer is beautiful, people like beautiful things. Naturally, if the printed circuit board's wiring passes, the circuit works normally, but at first glance, the messy lines are mixed, and the messy colors are mixed together, even if the circuit function is good. As a product, it can't satisfy the customer's needs. It also brings great inconvenience to testing and maintenance. Therefore, the wiring of the printed circuit board should be uniform, and there should be no rules. Of course, these are all implemented in the normal state of the circuit and other requirements.

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