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You konw Flexible pcb manufacturing process?

Release time: 31/10/2018

Flexible pcb manufacturing process(Flexible printed circuit board manufacturing process) has great potential in the future, because flexible printed circuit board has diverse forms, so Flexible pcb manufacturing process is also diversified. Has single-sided and double-sided flexible printed circuit board, but even if is single structure, the material and shape of the cladding, the increase of plate, Flexible pcb manufacturing process changes dramatically, so even a seemingly simple single flexible printed circuit board, the flexible printed circuit board manufacturing technology of the basic procedures may be as many as 20. Due to the diversity of Flexible pcb manufacturing processes, only one basic step of Flexible pcb manufacturing process is described below: making traditional FPC; Get solid board FPC; Dry the resin in a 120 degree hopper for 4 hours. Injection moulding machine; Sol; Clamping; Injection; Cooling; Product fit; Bent; Check; Finished packaging. With the wide application of flexible printed circuit board, the manufacturing process of flexible printed circuit board becomes more and more important. Therefore, it is urgent to seek a Flexible pcb manufacturing process that can operate easily, save cost and improve performances.

Flexible pcb manufacturing process