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How to self-make PCB(PCB DIY)

Release time: 15/10/2018

Today is to share is a self-made PCB method, opposite the simple PCB, we can be made by hand to achieve, and then for everyone to explain how to self-made.

Design Components Distribution map: Take a piece of foam board with an area greater than P C B affixed with a PCB size paper and then according to the electrical schematic diagram one by one in the box inside the device repeatedly adjust the device position until satisfied.

Drawing: A 11 printed board route diagram is drawn according to the device orientation on the foam board. The carbon copy is then made to the pre-cleaned copper clad laminate. If it is a double-sided alignment, the need for double-sided positioning of the replication to avoid errors can be first to make a copy of the positioning hole, the second side according to the locating hole connection.

Stroke: Use a dip pen to set the prepared black mixed paint on the circuit board according to the replication pattern.

Corrosion: With a portion of ferric chloride and two parts of water quality prepared into ferric chloride solution-corrosive liquid  it into a plastic container. Put the painted copper plate into the corrosive liquid. The concentration of three ferric chloride can be increased appropriately in order to speed up the corrosion rate. If the weather is colder, the solution can be properly heated but the highest temperature to be heated should be controlled in (4050) ℃ the protection paint on the board is easily damaged. Until the bare copper foil completely corroded clean after removing the circuit board with clear water wash to protect the paint and then clean with water wipe dry after coating the rosin water can be welded. There are other ways to  in the production practice.

Cutter Engraving Method: Assuming that the transistor collector is connected to a resistor and capacitor set this node for Q as long as a knife to the periphery of the node Q cut open  a separate island-shaped pad will form the rest of the area is a large area. The design of the circuit board grounding area of the knife carving method large component layout compact distribution parameters small especially suitable for high-frequency circuit effect is very good Furthermore, it is easy to make the corrosion link less time-consuming and easily made; The disadvantage is not very beautiful.

Self-Adhesive veneer method: With Protel software design good printing plate diagram with a laser printer press 11 to print to the computer word shop. The engraving shop uses a scanner to scan the engraving software for processing and converting the graphics to the engraving machine recognition. From the engraving machine to the real-time paste will be engraved on the instant paste glued to the PCB on the elimination of the parts placed in ferric chloride solution to corrode the excess copper foil after  with water rinse clean. Finally, drilling, coating flux and so on spent a few yuan, quickly made a circuit board.

Write number strokes: Oily writing pen is insoluble in water and insoluble in ferric chloride solution. It is therefore possible to write the pen on the CCL carefully painted, preferably painted two times to ensure that the oil is not washed away by ferric chloride solution. In the process of writing a pen to paint, such as the wrong line to modify, can be used alcohol or letter that water wipe. The use of written correction fluid instead of mixed paint to depict the printed circuit board line effect is also good direct use of correction fluid bottle and its tip-thin bottle to draw lines, you can draw 0.5mm thin line. The corrosion process should be careful not to spill the corrosive liquid on the body or other items, and can not be used after the solution poured into the sewer or spilled on the ground to avoid environmental pollution.


The above is only a simple PCB board can be used self-made method, for the complex PCB, self-made or very difficult, but also need you to PCB interested experts to do more new attempts to achieve a new breakthrough.