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The role of flexible PCB fabrication in medical treatment

Release time: 11/11/2018

The role of flexible PCB fabrication in medical treatment

 FPC has not been a part of the accessories after years of progress, and flexible PCB fabrication can be seen in many medical devices.

    1. Medical device buttons, the use of flexible PCB fabrication on the buttons is also a large-scale type, medical buttons and other buttons are a test of product sensitivity. However, the medical requirements for the number of repeatable buttons are very high, and the flexible PCB fabrication can reach millions of times or hundreds of millions of dynamic applications according to the needs of the product. These capabilities are a major aspect of the popularity of soft boards in terms of buttons.

    2. Medical equipment screen, the screen cable on the screen is PFC soft board, not only medical, almost all the screen display on the adapter cable is using flexible PCB fabrication, which is for soft board bending An affirmation of the deflection.

    3. Gastroscope circuit board, this technology has been available long ago, but it is limited by the bending ability and rigid characteristics of the circuit board at that time, the catheter can not be well operated by medical personnel, but now The flexible PCB fabrication used inside the endoscope is a good bending and flexing performance after years of verification and production experience.