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3 layer pcb for a wide range of high-tech industries

Release time: 21/11/2018

3 layer pcb is also called multi-layer circuit board, because multi-layer pcb refers to a printed circuit board with three or more layers of conductive patterns. In order to increase the area that can be routed, 3 layer pcb

More single-sided or double-sided wiring boards are used. The 3 layer pcb uses several double-sided panels and is glued (pressed) after placing an insulating layer between each layer, or it can be said to be 3 layer pcb

The inner conductive pattern is laminated and pressed together with the insulating bonding sheet. 3 layer pcb In order to lead out the printed wiring sandwiched between the insulating substrates, the holes of the components mounted on the 3 layer pcb must be treated by metallized holes to be connected to the printed wires sandwiched in the insulating substrate. The features of the 3 layer pcb are:

3 layer pcb

(1) When used in conjunction with an integrated circuit, the whole machine can be miniaturized and the weight of the whole machine can be reduced.

(2) The wiring density is increased, the pitch of components is reduced, and the signal transmission path is shortened.

(3) Reduced solder joints of components and reduced failure rate.

(4) Due to the addition of the shielding layer, the signal distortion of the circuit is reduced.

(5) The grounding heat dissipation layer is introduced to reduce local overheating and improve the reliability of the whole machine.

3 layer pcb is suitable for a wide range of high-tech industries, such as telecommunications, computers, industrial control, digital products, science and education equipment, medical equipment, automobiles, aerospace defense and so on.