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The most influential and most vital multilayer pcb manufacturing process

Release time: 23/11/2018

Multilayer PCBs are typically fabricated from epoxy glass cloth-clad laminates and are high-tech products in printed boards. The natural multilayer pcb manufacturing process is the most influential and vital technology in the manufacturing process of printed boards.

The multilayer pcb manufacturing process was developed on the basis of the double-paneled process of plated holes. The commonly used multilayer pcb manufacturing process is a copper foil lamination process, and copper foil lamination refers to a manufacturing process in which a copper foil is used as an outer layer and then laminated into a multi-layer printed board. The process is characterized by substantial savings in substrate consumption and reduced production costs for conventional multilayer pcb manufacturing processes. There are many methods for multilayer pcb manufacturing process, the most important of which are: one is to directly cover the solder mask on the circuit pattern with tin-lead alloy layer, and the other is to cover the solder mask on the bare copper circuit. On the graph (SMOBC), some of the previous steps in the second method are the same as the first one.

multilayer pcb manufacturing process

Compared to the general multilayer pcb manufacturing process and the double layer pcb manufacturing process, they are largely identical: CNC drilling, plated hole process, imaging, electroplated tin-lead alloy, etching, hot-melt hot-air leveling, gold plating, main The difference is that the multilayer pcb manufacturing process adds several unique process steps: inner imaging and blackening, lamination, etch and desmear. In most of the same processes, certain process parameters, equipment accuracy and complexity are also different in the multilayer pcb manufacturing process. For example, the inner metallization of the multi-layer board in the multilayer pcb manufacturing process is the decisive factor for the reliability of the multi-layer board. The quality requirement of the hole wall is stricter than that of the double-layer board, so the drilling is higher.