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What is a pcb?

Release time: 25/11/2018

What is a pcb?

Pcb Chinese name is printed circuit board, also known as printed circuit board, printed circuit board, referred to as printed board, is one of the important components of the electronics industry.

What is a pcb?

Pcb is the supplier of electronic components and the electrical connection of electronic components. Almost every electronic device, from electronic watches and calculators to computers, communication electronics, and military weapon systems, requires PCBs as long as they have electronic components such as integrated circuits.

What is a pcb?

Pcb is an essential factor in the success of electronic product research. In the research of larger electronic products, the quality of PCB design and manufacturing directly affects the quality and cost of the entire product. After the electronic equipment adopts the printed board, due to the consistency of the same printed board, the manual wiring error is effectively avoided, and the electronic component can be automatically inserted or mounted, automatically soldered, and automatically detected to ensure the electronic equipment. Quality improves labor productivity, reduces costs, and facilitates maintenance.


What is a pcb, PCB is developed on the basis of the invention of single-sided copper-clad board. The manufacturing process of the printed circuit is: printing the anti-corrosion film on the copper-clad board with a template, and then etching the wire to form a conductive pattern.

What is a pcb?

PCB is an electronic component with a lot of explanations, and even more is the type, production process, although these are similar, but it is still impossible to understand the well-known including production to production, although today's China has made great achievements in this respect. .

What is a pcb.

(1) The substrate is composed of a polymer and glass fiber, ceramics and paper;

(2) lines and vias composed of metal or metal alloys;

(3) Processing the line and via metal surfaces to meet the special requirements of the PCB in terms of electrical and mechanical properties;

What is a pcb

In summary, pcb is a complex organic combination of various materials, is the support of electronic components and the electrical connection of electronic components, is an important part of modern technology development can not be lost.