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Characteristic Of Rigid-Flex circuit

Release time: 28/08/2017

Use of Rigid-Flex circuit boards can reduce the total cost of the final product.


Rigid-flex circuit is a multilayer printed circuit board with both rigid and flex electric interconnecting layers. A composition of flexible and rigid substrates in a single circuit board creates unique opportunities. The technology allows designers to replace multiple PCBs interconnected with connectors, wires and ribbon cables to create a single circuit board while improving performance and reliability. Furthermore, because rigid-flex circuit PCBs can be bent, folded or twisted, they make an ideal solution for optimizing applications with tight space limitations by using the third dimension.


Embedded Flex “e-Flex”: comparison to HDI/ELIC Rigid-flex circuits.


  • Compatible with Rigid PCB stacked vias processing
  • Retains dynamic flex, rapid prototyping, and improved panel utilization
  • Proprietary technology requiring license and technology transfer limits availability


Rigid-flex circuits board structure and rigid-flex circuits stack up:

rigid-flex circuit


HDI Rigid-flex circuits (1+2+2+2+1) stackup:

rigid-flex circuit


Micro vias rigid-flex circuits boards stack up:

rigid-flex circuit


ELIC HDI Micro vias rigid-flex circuits (solid vias) RF stackups & conventional:

rigid-flex circuit


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