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rigid flex circuits boards assembly

Release time: 15/09/2017

This is a rigid flex circuits (total thickness: 1mm on the round part, 0.5mm on the square part). No components shall be placed on the PCB. See picture in the attached file for proposed layer stack-up. Please see the picture below (the red line represents the part that is flexible).

rigid flex circuits

We want PCBA for this design. The difference since last time are a few resistor values and the “outer part” where there are no components has been changed.

This is a rigid flex circuits (total thickness: 1.5mm of the rigid part). On the quadrilateral side, the PCB has two layers, the outer part has only one upper layer, and a stiffener on the bottom, please see the illustration below. See proposed layer-stack-up in the attached file. NOTE that components with designators 807-22-001-30-001101, 807-22-001-30-001102, 807-22-001-30-001103, 807-22-001-30-001104 and R1 shall NOT be placed.

rigid flexible pcb

We would like all the PCBs to have black solder mask with white silk. HASL-LF surface finish is preferred.