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Rigid flexible circuits

Release time: 23/10/2017

High Density Interconnect (HDI): High Density Interconnect (HDI) rigid flexible circuits offer increased design, layout and construction options over typical flexible circuits. Each High Density Interconnect incorporates microvias and fine features to achieve highly dense flex circuitry, smaller form factor and increased functionality. This technology offers better electrical performance, access to advanced integrated circuit (IC) package use, and improved reliability through the use of microvias and thinner materials.  

Double side component mounting: rigid flexible circuits are the ideal solution for flex circuits where surface mount components must be mounted on both sides of the board.

Total cost of ownership: The maximum benefit of rigid flexible circuits is realized when the complete installation is reviewed for total cost of ownership. Using rigid flexible circuits eliminates connections in the flex-to-rigid transitions which can improve reliability and improve impedance control.

Most capable/Maximum vibration resistance: Lets you integrate the best capabilities of resistant rigid areas and resilient flex areas.

High mass component mounting: When mounting a high mass component, a rigid board is the right solution. A rigid flexible circuits board gives you a smooth transition between rigid and flex areas while preserving the benefits of each.

Assembly variations 
Hemeixinpcb manufactures rigid flexible circuits with flexible external or internal layers. 

Rigid flexible circuits

Processing notes 
In principle rigid flexible circuits can be soldered without restrictions using the parameters for rigid printed circuits. 

As polyimide film is however very hygroscopic, it is vital to dry the item before soldering. If this is not done, delamination may occur, bubbles may form or sleeves may rip out during the soldering process. 

We recommend drying for > 2 h at 120°C and then processing immediately (< 6 h) afterwards. 

When designing rigid flexible circuits, there are many possible options for the construction and for the materials used. 

Talk to our sales team by email sales@hemeixinpcb.com . We will look together for a functional, optimised and cost-effective solution for your printed circuit boards.