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Metal core PCB - Al & Cu Thermal substrates by HeMeiXin

Release time: 07/12/2017

As the name sales, Metal core PCB - Al & Cu Thermal substrates by HeMeiXin refer to those boards that make use of a base metal material as a heat spreader part of circuit boards. The base metals that are used in the MCPCB are used as the alternative to the CEM3 or FR4 boards for the capability of dissipating heat to lesser crucial areas like the metallic core or metal heatsink backing from different critical board components.

Materials and thickness of Metal Core PCB
The metal core of the Metal core PCB - Al & Cu Thermal substrates by HeMeiXin can be a combination of different special alloys or copper (heavy copper PCB or copper core PCB), aluminum core PCB. Aluminium core PCB happens to be the most common among them. The thickness of metal cores present in PCB base plates is within the range of 30-125ml typically. However, it is also possible to utilize thinner and thicker plates. The thickness of MCPCB copper coil can be within the range of 1-10 oz.
Benefits of MCPCB

Metal core PCB - Al & Cu Thermal substrates by HeMeiXin is considered to be beneficial for use owing to their capability of the integration of dielectric polymer layer along with higher thermal conductivity for a reduced thermal resistance. They are capable of transferring heat almost 8-9 times faster as compared to the FR4 PCBs. The Metal core PCB - Al & Cu Thermal substrates by HeMeiXin has gained a high popularity for the dissipation of heat that keeps the generation components cooler, resulting in enhanced performance and longevity.
Applications of Metal Core PCB
Applications, where a larger amount of heat is generated, cannot be cooled in an adequate manner with the use of traditional fans only. Conductive cooling via metal core MCBS is considered to be the ideal production option. Metal core PCB - Al & Cu Thermal substrates by HeMeiXin are found widely in different LED technologies as they help in the reduction of the number of LCDs that are required for the production of a certain illumination. Light emitting diodes or LED are known for releasing a high amount of heat in different applications like general lighting applications, backlight unit applications, street safety applications, system automotive LED applications, photovoltaic, electric or hybrid motor control applications, power converters such as power supplies, high voltage regulator, industrial, telecom etc.
Utilizing metal core PCB in such LED applications and products play an indispensable role in the reduction of the heat that is emitted. Other applications that are ideal for the integration of MCPCB are inclusive of motion control applications and solar panels. With the assistance of Metal core PCB - Al & Cu Thermal substrates by HeMeiXin, power densities can be raised though the components are cool. Thus, there is an increase in durability and life.