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flex & rigid flex PCB: - extra copper condition - Hemeixin

Release time: 11/12/2017

I need some info. on acceptability criteria for rigid, flex & rigid flex PCB: - if extra copper condition (copper on non copper defined area) on PCB is acceptable provided - it is not violating electrical spacing or 5 mil criteria...

I have some PCB with 5 to 6 occurance of copper patches (close to the PCB edges in the static part without violating IPC-6013 criteria for foreign material...though it is Cu. ) on both near and far side. It is repairable ...but would like to know of any existing documents ...

I need help on :

-Which IPC spec. should I refer to ..is there any other spec I should look for..I have never come across any SOW with this criteria ...(like IPC-6013 foreign matrl inclusion..)


rigid flex PCB


-What are the rigid flex PCB concern in terms of RF, power, reliability, electrical and impedance characteristics for this condition..or is there any ?

- Any source of info.

roll-up IPC-A-600 and smack those bums on the nose with it and say "Bad rigid flex PCB fabricator don't do that on the floor again" in a firm voice. I know I'm just rushin too much to concentrate on it. But yano even if it isn't in A-600, it doesn't make sense that you rigid flex PCB fab should be able to add copper without your approval.

This particular p/n calls for print&etch for wet process..and the problem occured due to rigid flex PCB surface contamin. with resist residue resisting copper from etching off. The high pressure nozzle was a problem at developing oper. and it is fixed now.

We are runing this P/N in proto. hence we waived this problem for now...(we could termed this problem as process indicator condition) but would like to know for documenting characterization procedure.

Thanks for the help again.