Flexible circuit board manufacturers briefly describe three anti-paints and their effects

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Flexible circuit board manufacturers often use special paint – three anti-paint, then what is the use of three anti-paint, what three defense?

Three anti-coating is a specially formulated coating used to protect circuit boards and their associated equipment from the environment. The three anti-paint “three defenses” refer to moisture, salt spray, and mildew.


  1. Three anti-paint on the board to prevent moisture, salt spray, and mildew. The film is a thin electronic circuit and component protection layer, which can enhance the moisture and pollution resistance of electronic circuits and components and prevent the solder joints and conductors from being eroded. It can also shield and eliminate electromagnetic interference and prevent short circuits. The role of improving the insulation properties of the circuit board.
  2. In addition, the protective film of the coating is also beneficial to the abrasion resistance and solvent-resistance of the wires and components and can release the pressure caused by periodic changes in temperature.
  3. Withstand mechanical vibration and vibration, thermal shock, and operation at high temperatures.
  4. It can reduce the decline in electronic operating performance to a minimum.
  5. It can prevent leakage, thus allowing higher power and closer board spacing.
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