What is PCBA?

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PCBA is the abbreviation of English printed circuit board assembly, printed circuit board assembly to the printed circuit board for the installation of the substrate, on which electronic and electromechanical components, devices or other printed circuit board assembly, and borrow the printed wiring board (also can be made of resistors, capacitors, and other passive electronic components, such as inductors, to achieve electrical interconnection. In small electronic devices, such as electronic watches, single-board microprocessors, and small semiconductor radios, all components and devices are mounted on a single printed circuit board. Large-scale equipment (such as mainframe computers) is composed of dozens of to thousands of printed circuit board plug-in and the corresponding printed wiring backplane. Each printed circuit board component is usually a functional unit.

Early electronic devices, electronic and electromechanical components, and devices are mounted on a chassis made of sheet metal and electrically interconnected by wires. After the Second World War, with the development of printed circuit technology, electronic equipment, especially the computer, gradually formed the PCB components based on the structural system. Its advantages are good electrical performance, high reliability, small size, low cost, and can realize automatic production.

There are two ways to assemble PCBA.

The first form of assembly is a planar assembly of two-dimensional assembly: components, devices mounted on a flat surface, interconnected by printed circuit boards. In order to improve the density of the assembly, in the printed circuit board destroyer, reverse both sides can be installed components, devices, or in the middle of the printed circuit board sandwiched a layer of metal plate, in order to improve the cooling capacity.

Another form of assembly is modular assembly or three-dimensional assembly: in order to improve the density of the assembly, generally with a parallel two pieces of printed circuit board components to form a space, in space to install components, devices, or on the PCB, the positive and reverse two-sided mounting elements, devices, inter-board cable or connector interconnect, or like a bridge, components, The legs of the device are mounted on two printed circuit boards, which are called sandwich modules. The structural design of printed circuit board assembly must consider the problems of circuit zoning and standardization, pcb assembly type, rational layout of components and devices, assembly structure, cooling mode, mechanical dynamic characteristics and so on.

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