HDI PCB Technology

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HDI PCB technology is one of the fastest-growing technologies in the PCB and is widely used in smartphones, tablets and other high-end electronic products. HDI PCB technology contains blind and/or buried vias and typically contains micropores with a diameter of .006 or less. HDI PCB technology has a higher circuit density than conventional boards.

HDI PCB technology any layer of printed circuit board is the biggest advancement in the industry in recent years is the next technical improvement of HDI PCB technology micro-hole printed circuit board; can be interconnected in any two layers of PCB, regardless of layer spacing, arbitrary Layer interconnection greatly improves the flexibility of wiring and greatly saves PCB area.

HDI PCB Technology

  • Multi-layer copper-filled stacked micro-via structure
  • 1.2 / 1.2 mil line / space
  • 4/8 mil laser passes capture pad size
  • 5. Material options:
  • High-temperature FR4 no
  • Halogen
  • High speed (low loss)

According to the process of HDI PCB technology, the large use of HDI PCB technology will bring about a large increase in electroplating capacity, while requiring multiple PCB and electroplating. These effects will increase the number of funds in addition to the technical capacity requirements of investors.

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