Ceramic circuit board

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Ceramic circuit boards are actually made of electronic ceramics, which can be made in various shapes.

Among them, the ceramic circuit board of high-temperature resistance, electrical insulation characteristics of the most prominent, in the dielectric constant and dielectric loss, thermal conductivity, chemical stability, and components of the thermal expansion coefficient of similar advantages are also very significant, and ceramic circuit board production will be used to lam technology, namely, laser rapid activation of metallization technology. Application in LED field, high power semiconductor module, semiconductor cooler, electronic heater, power control circuit, power hybrid circuit, intelligent power module, high frequency switching power supply, solid-state relay, automotive electronics, communication, aerospace, and military electronic components.

With the development of high-power, electronic products towards miniaturization and high-speed, the traditional FR-4, aluminum substrate, and other substrate materials are no longer applicable to the PCB industry towards high-power, intelligent application development, with the progress of science and technology, the traditional LTCC, DBC technology is gradually replaced by DPC, LAM Technology.

Unlike traditional FR-4 (wave fiber), Ceramic materials used in ceramic circuit boards have good high-frequency properties and electrical properties, and have high thermal conductivity, chemical stability and excellent thermal stability of organic substrates do not have the performance, is the next generation of large-scale integrated circuits and power electronic modules ideal packaging materials.

The laser technology represented by LAM Technology is more in line with the high-density interconnection of printed circuit boards and the development of refinement. Laser drilling is the front end of the PCB industry, the mainstream drilling technology, this kind of technology efficient, fast, accurate, with a large application value. Ceramic circuit board using laser rapid activation metallization technology, the metal layer and ceramic bonding strength, good electrical properties, can be repeated welding, metal layer thickness in the 1μm-1mm adjustable, L/S resolution can reach 20μm, can directly realize the hole connection, to provide customers with customized solutions.

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