On HDI PCB & RF PCB & Rogers PCB

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HDI is the English shorthand for high Density interconnector, the HDI PCB is a structural element formed by the insulating material supplemented by a conductor wiring. When the HDI PCB is made into the final product, it will install integrated circuits, transistors (transistors, diodes), passive components (E.G. resistors, capacitors, connectors, etc.) and various other electronic components. With the help of wires, the electronic signal can be connected and the function should be formed. As a result, HDI PCB is a platform for connecting components to the base of the contact Parts.

RF is Radio Frequency, refers to the RF, high frequency signal. See the requirements of the performance of the circuit board, can be ordinary FR4 epoxy glass fiber, It can be Teflon and other special microwave Substrates.
In Low-power RF PCB, The main use of standard FR4 materials (good insulation properties, uniform material, Dielectric constant ε=4.10%). In conventional RF PCB, each component should be tightly arranged to ensure the shortest connection between the Components. For a mixed signal the PCB, RF part and the analog part should be away from the digital part ,this distance is usually above 2cm, at least 1cm, the grounding of the digital part should be separated from the RF part. When choosing to work with components in high-frequency environments, use a surface mount device whenever Possible. This is because the surface mount element is generally small in size and the pin of the component is very short.

Rogers PCB is characterized by excellent temperature stability of the dielectric constant, the coefficient of thermal expansion of the dielectric constant is very consistent with copper foil, to improve the lack of PTFE Substrate. This product is ideal for applications where the ambient temperature is rapidly changing (aerospace), due to its low dielectric loss and high reliability of metallization vias, which can be used for high frequency and multilayer plate Structures.

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