Low cost of manufacturing a flexible circuit: As an inkjet printer to print newspapers!

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Scalable integrated circuit manufacturing inkjet printer, developed by researchers from Michigan State University in the United States, which provides the possibility for future mass production of cheap smart fabric.
Flexible pcb electronics, electronic products, has changed the traditional “stiff” image, with its flexible, scalable, ultra-thin, ultra-low power, durable, portable and other characteristics, it has become a major trend in the industry’s future.
However, future flexible electronics from the laboratory to large-scale commercial market, and the cost of production is the important challenges it faces.
Recently, an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering department at Michigan State University Wang Chuan developed this scalable intelligent fabric, this material may be manufactured from a standard printer.

So in terms of mass production of this technology compared to other technologies currently have significant cost advantages. In this regard, Professor Wang commented:
“We can significantly reduce the cost of manufacturing a flexible electronic device, comparable to the cost of the printed newspaper.”
In addition, Professor Wang Zhuli also said that, after such a scalable electronic fabric fold-able imported bags, any damage will not occur. Relative to the current can not “fold” flexible electronic materials, which in turn is a significant advantage.
This smart fabric made from several nanometers and an organic compound into the material. After dissolution of these compounds, it can be made of different electronic ink, and made of a flexible electronic device by a printer.
With this ink, the research and development team successfully made of flexible materials, circuits, organic light emitting diode (OLED).
Next, they will combine to form a single circuit and the OLED pixels, it is estimated it will need a year or two. In smart tablet or greater, below the display screen, the pixel is typically present in millions.
Once the researchers have succeeded in combining circuit and the OLED, a pixel can work effectively, it is about the commercialization of smart fabrics. Professor Wang said: “Although we have this new technology is not yet ready, but we have taken a big step towards the upcoming commercial flexible displays.”
Meanwhile, the field of application of this technology, he explained:
“Through this study, we will soon be able to print displays that will stretch to a larger area, also it can be used for wearable electronics and flexible robotic application.
So, let us imagine that in the future there will be the following application form:
• an ultra-thin smart tablet, an area stretching from small to large area
• elastic tape was like a heart rate monitor bracelet
• side wallpaper may be the entire wall is converted to an electronic display

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