How to reduce PCB costs

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In the design of electronic products, pcb cost is one of the most important indicators, can reduce the cost of a lot of ways, here is mainly about the cost of PCB board. Some people say, I have the PCB design is very small, do not reduce the cost? In fact, the board is too small, processing is not convenient, low production efficiency, which increases the cost of processing for the entire product, the total cost might also increase. Similarly, when the board is too large, processing is not convenient, there will also be other adverse factors such as flexible deformation. What kind of PCB board costs the least? In my opinion, there are three main aspects. First, the area of a single board PCB is as small as possible. The price of the PCB board is generally calculated by the size of the area, the board is small, the price of a single board is naturally cheap. Second, the PCB board size is moderate, processing is convenient. When the veneer is x1220m hours, it is necessary to open the mold, in order to improve production efficiency, reduce processing time, saving processing costs. Third, PCB manufacturers have the highest utilization rate of raw materials in PCB production. PCB Factory raw materials are generally 1020mmx1020mm and 1020mmm specifications, if the size of a single board or board is not suitable, PCB production process, will produce a lot of scrap edge, PCB board factory will be some of the scrap side of the price to add to your board, This way your PCB unit price is more expensive, if the board size is well designed, veneer or panel size is the raw material n equal, then the utilization of raw materials is the highest, the PCB board factory or open material, to the same raw material size, make the most board, single board price is the cheapest.

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