You know what is Rigid flexible bonding circuit board

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The Rigid flexible circuit board is a hybrid structure flexible circuit board composed of a rigid and flexible substrate which are laminated to form a structure. The Rigid flexible circuit board allows designers to replace multiple PCBs interconnected with connectors, wires and ribbon cables in a single package, improving performance and reliability in all industries; whether audio, aerospace, automotive, medical and other The Rigid flexible circuit board is used in the electronics manufacturing industry. From the lowest-end consumer products to the highest-end military and commercial systems, in other words, the Rigid flexible circuit board is the most common application in military aerospace and medical equipment, because the Rigid flexible circuit board is usually the best way to reduce weight. And sometimes the only way to make a device available for the final application.

The use of the Rigid flexible circuit board allows multiple rigid PCBs (connected to cables or wires) to be repackaged as a single circuit rather than a single board. Since the design of electronic systems is more inclined to combine more and higher-level functions into smaller and lighter packages, if the size of the system is required to be miniaturized, it will be necessary to extend the natural 2D characteristics of the electronic device to the first A good solution was found in 3D.

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