The Double layer printed circuit board with higher convenient performance

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There are many types of printed circuit boards, which can be divided into single-sided boards, double-sided boards, and multi-layer boards according to the wiring level. The double-layer printed circuit board is also called a double-layer board. The double-layer printed circuit board is a double-sided copper-clad circuit board. The two copper-clad layers are generally referred to as a top layer and a bottom layer. Both copper-clad surfaces of the printed circuit board can be copper wire. The top layer of the double-layer printed circuit board is generally a component surface, and the bottom layer is generally a component soldering surface. The connection between the upper and lower layers of the double-layer printed circuit board is achieved by metalized vias. Since both sides can be wired, for a more complicated circuit, the layout of the double-layer printed circuit board is higher than that of the single-sided printed circuit board.

The emergence and rapid development of printed circuit boards. Bringing major reforms to the electronics industry, speeding up the development of the electronics industry and making a significant contribution to people’s convenience. For printed circuit boards, the more layers the board has, the more complex the production process, the higher the failure rate, and the higher the cost. However, the increase in the number of layers will make the speed of electronic products even faster. The electrical connection of the various components between the circuits replaces the complicated good solution that was found in 3D.

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