Planning a printed circuit board design program

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There are two ways to plan a printed circuit board: one is generated by a wizard tool or generated by a template, and the other is to manually plan the board. Although the wizard can be used to generate some standard printed circuit board, more often, you need to plan the printed circuit board yourself. The printed circuit board designed in practice has strict dimensional requirements, which requires the designer to carefully plan and accurately define the physical size and electrical boundary of the printed circuit board. The basic steps for manually designing a printed circuit board: creating a blank printed circuit board document – creating an engineering project, drawing the schematic and generating the corresponding network table; designing the shape of the printed circuit board; designing the electrical boundaries of the printed circuit board, Because the electrical boundary of the printed circuit board is used to set the component and the placement area of the wiring, it must be drawn in the forbidden routing layer; set the board layer and system parameters, execute menu commands and set the board layer in the board stack manager. Determine the development environment and interface style of the design system by setting the system parameters of the printed circuit board

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