What is PCB assembly machine

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PCB assembly machine, also known as printed circuit board, referred to as printed circuit board assembly machine(PCB), which is cut into a certain size with an insulating board as a base material, and has at least one conductive pattern attached thereto and is provided with holes ( Such as component holes, fastening holes, metalized holes, etc., used to replace the chassis of the electronic components of the prior device and to achieve interconnection between electronic components.

Due to the repeatability (reproducibility) and consistency of the printed circuit board, the wiring and assembly errors are greatly reduced, and the automation level and labor productivity are effectively improved.

At the same time, the Printed circuit board assembly machine is standardized in design and is convenient for exchange. Due to its high wiring density, small size, and lightweight, it has been widely used in the miniaturization of electronic devices.

At present, the manufacturing method of the Printed circuit board assembly machine can be divided into two major categories: the subtractive method and the additive method.

Due to the large demand, large-scale industrial production is mainly based on the corrosion copper foil method in the subtractive method. That is, the copper-coated on the copper plate is etched by 2FeCl3 to form CuCl2, which is simple to manufacture and inexpensive to manufacture. Printed circuit board assembly machine can be divided into single-panel, double-panel, four-layer, six-layer, and other multi-layer circuit boards according to the number of circuit boards.

According to market demand, a Printed circuit board assembly machine is developed from single-layer to double-layer and multi-layer boards. And flexible boards, and continue to develop in the direction of high precision, high density, and high reliability. The lightness and cost performance that people are pursuing make Printed circuit board assembly machines continue to shrink in size, reduce costs, and improve performance.

In the future development of electronic products, the Printed circuit board assembly machine has a strong vitality. In the future, Printed circuit board assembly machine manufacturing technology tends to be higher in density, high precision, fine aperture, thin wire, small pitch, high reliability, multi-layer, high-speed transmission, lightweight, and thin shape.

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