Prototype pcb assembly services

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ISO 9001:2000 certified, China base prototype PCB assembly services. Types of printed circuit boards include single-side PCB’s, double-sided PCB’s & multi-layer PCB’s. Laminates include FR4, FR406, PTFE, Rogers®, G-Tek®, CAF® & polyimide. Finishes such as hot air solder level, immersion tin, gold, immersion gold, immersion silver & organic coatings are available. Capabilities include CAD/CAM designing, DRC/DFM, scanning & reproduction, bare board testing, scoring, N/C routing & PWB panelization. Prototype PCB assembly boards are UL® listed & RoHS compliant.

Thick-film hybrid printed circuit board (PCB) design and prototype pcb assembly services. Prototype pcb assembly capabilities include automated resistor laser trimming, epoxy and eutectic semiconductor die attach, gold and aluminum thermosonic and ultrasonic wire bonding, and in-process testing and inspection. Offers prototype pcb assembly such as surface mount prototype pcb assembly, single and multilayer prototype pcb assembly, through hole prototype pcb assembly, double-sided, and fine-line circuits. Available in prototype pcb assembly and small and large production runs. Suitable for applications such as radar, guidance systems, motor controls, current regulators, and converters. Industries served include aerospace, defense, medical, commercial, and communications.

Custom prototype pcb assembly manufacturer of complete printed circuit boards. Types include aluminum, heavy copper, multilayer prototype pcb assembly, single and double-sided prototype pcb assembly, and surface mount prototype pcb assembly. Quickturn prototype pcb assembly, midrange, and high volume production available. Process capabilities include single to 30 layers and various laminate types. Various surface finishes are available, including gold tab plating, ENIG, lead-free HASL, OSP, and immersion silver or tin. Thru hole prototype pcb assembly, complete box build, and surface mount including full and micro BGA (ball grid array)prototype pcb assembly services are also available. Capabilities include electronics prototype pcb assembly and contract manufacturing, automated optical inspection, RoHS, complete or partial turnkey pcb assembly, manufacturing, functional testing, coating, low, mid and high volume production, prototyping and materials management, sourcing and procurement. Prototype pcb assembly industries served include aerospace, consumer electronics, computer and business, automotive, industrial, maritime, LED, medical, military and defense, and telecom. PCBs are suitable for a wide variety of applications.

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