Heavy copper PCB technology bus bar PCB

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There are many variations of the heavy copper PCB technology, including buried heavy copper PCB, multiple levels of copper, and multilayer heavy copper PCB.
The simplest form of heavy copper PCB is the single or double-sided PCB, containing 3- to 40-ounce thickness of copper. By starting with a heavy copper PCB base, such as 8-ounce foil on FR4, imaging and etching the circuit, single and double-sided PCBs have the lowest cost.

On all heavy copper PCB boards, the designer has the choice of starting copper thickness and the amount plated in the holes. The current required to be passed in the vias will determine the amount of copper plated in the hole. To plate ten ounces of copper in the holes of a 40-ounce heavy copper PCB, the manufacturer will start with two ounces of copper and plate up to ten ounces in the holes and on the traces.

Heavy copper PCB boards are fabricated using plating and etching techniques. The goal is to add copper thickness to via sidewalls and plated holes. Plated holes can weaken if a board is subjected to multiple cycles while in production, and the addition of heavy copper can strengthen these holes. Boards structured with heavy copper will allow for high current/power and control circuits on one board.

The only disadvantage of using heavy copper PCB in your design is it can cost significantly more than traditional printed circuit board technology. In many industries like aerospace and defense, the technology has received wide acceptance as the cost is secondary to the performance of the product.

However, it is important to be aware of the potential cost differentials before beginning a project with this heavy copper PCB technology as the engineering time and cost associated with these finished products are substantially higher than a typical printed circuit board.

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