Type I through Type V flexible circuit

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Product offering includes Type I through Type V flexible circuit (single-sided, double-sided, multi-layer and rigid-flex) as well as sculptured power flexible circuit and bus bars.

Our state of the art manufacturing facility builds product to IPC-6013 (Class I, II & III) standards and is ISO 9001:2001 and ISO 14001 certified.

Our services include application assistance; full in-house design, manufacture, assembly, and test of the custom flexible circuit and f flexible circuit assemblies. Additionally, we offer a broad collection of controlled impedance flexible circuit assemblies.

Flex area, an area of design to consider when designing a flexible circuit, consists of both the place for where and how often the flexing occurs on the flexible circuit.

the flexible circuit is frequently designed for two typical flex applications.

The first is referred to as static, or flex-to-fit, which basically means the flexible circuit is flexed to fit into the congregation and will flex less than 100 times in its lifetime.

The second application, termed dynamic flex, involves the design to not only be flex-to-fit in the assembly but also flexing during normal operation of the application.

A dynamic flex design must be more robust since flexing will occur on a regular basis. It needs to withstand tens of thousands, or millions, of flexes depending on the application. Either of these two flex applications need some forethought regarding the trace routing and pad placement in the flex area.

For example, it is significant not to have any apparatus and/or solder pads in the flex area beside the design flex type (static or dynamic). Flexible circuitry is intended for applications that require a circuit to bend, flex, or conform to an application’s usually limited volume.

Manufacturing a printed circuit using flexible pcb materials does not guarantee the circuit will function reliably when bent or flexed. Many factors contribute to their reliability and all of them must be taken into account when designing a product.

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