Rigid Flex PCB Manufacturers: Considering Applications and Outsourcing

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PCBs, come from a group of chemicals made up of carbon, chlorine, and hydrogen atoms. The use of printed circuit boards, or PCBs, is particularly popular because the fabricated chemical is non-flammable, stable, and can contain elements of electrical insulation. The boiling point is quite high as well. As a result of these highly reliable qualities, rigid-flex PCB manufacturers are benefitting from the multiple applications it holds for various products and industries. Therefore, finding a trustworthy source is essential.

The demand for rigid-flex PCB manufacturers is partly driven by digital communications products, like cell phones, laptops, and tablets. Rigid-flex PCB answers design requirements for circuit board assemblies. Application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) need a stable platform on which to work. This includes ensuring that the pins on the boards do not melt into one another because of the heat generated on the boards. Rigid-flex PCB thus makes a perfect medium for them.

Rigid-flex PCB manufacturers create the printed circuit boards that connect the components together, mostly in multiple layers, depending on the application design. The flexibility of PCB enables designers to twist, roll, and fold it into various shapes to meet the needs of whatever the application. It is used in the production of satellite oscillator packages that require extreme flexibility and heat insulation; in aerospace electronics; and much more.

Knowing the qualities of PCB is not enough. Rigid-flex PCB manufacturers must have a thorough understanding of the products in which it is being used. Assembling circuit boards requires perfection. A faulty circuit board in a prototype will result in delays in systems tests and integration as well as the possibility of dysfunctional products, ISO standards issues, and angry customers.

Many technology companies who design ASIC components for such things as smartphones, car computers and even electronics included in space travel sometimes do not always have the time, capacity, or inclination to build their own piece of that product. It may be they need proof of design and will leave rigid-flex PCB manufacturers to produce the product in mass quantities. Outsourcing the work is cost-effective and can be a major saver.

Technology companies like Apple and Sony outsource their design projects to rigid-flex PCB manufacturers, but there is always a question of quality. The turnaround times can sometimes be as short as one day, and mistakes will result in significant damage.

There must be an element of trust in order to be successful. Cautions and suggestions from design engineers should be taken seriously to avoid project delays. When rigid-flex PCB manufacturers have a long-standing relationship with their customers and understanding their product, answering emergencies is slightly easier. There is already established trust with design teams. Trust is also crucial when it comes to the intellectual property too. Companies that outsource to rigid-flex PCB manufacturers abroad can find themselves dealing with disingenuous companies that may steal ideas, designs, and customers.

Because PCB has so many applications, choosing trustworthy and quality-focused rigid-flex PCB manufacturers are critical to success. Do the research and save yourself time, money, and reduce the likelihood of disasters.

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