Heavy Copper Circuit Board

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Printed circuit sheets (PCBs) are frequently utilized as a part of low-voltage electronic frameworks and gadgets. PCBs have been progressively utilized as a part of high current power gadgets with electrically conductive systems of high current thickness. In any case, the Heavy copper PCB is getting to be prevalent now with the development of industry requesting high current dealing with ability. Most people in the business mark PCBs containing at least three ounces of copper on either the inward or external layers as an overwhelming copper circuit board.

The construction of a heavy copper pcb allows the benefits like:

  • Reducing Cost

Thick Copper PCB can reduce wiring work and the number of parts needed. Thus it handles cost by replacing conventional cable wiring board that reduces cost.

  • Improving Reliability

Problem related to wiring connection and the problem of wiring errors can be eliminated.

The Products reliability improves because heavy copper circuit carries higher current and help to transfer heat to an external heat sink as efficient heat dissipation by thick copper foil.

  • More flexible circuit design

Heavy copper circuit replaces conventional wiring circuit board and accomplishes compact size by incorporating multiple copper weights on the same layer that allows variations in designs and less space consumption.

  • Increased current conveying limit

It enables utilization of extraordinary materials to their maximum capacity (i.e., high temperature) without circuit failure.

Applications of Heavy copper pcb :

  • Aerospace and military industries use these copper circuit boards as management and distribution systems.
  • They are used in various types of power supply and converters in industrial sectors as well as power engineering and automotive and railway industries.
  • Used as the Power supply for Industrial Equipment, High-Efficiency Server power supply, high power motor driver, as a Fuel Cell for Household Use, High Current burn-in board.
  • Act as a Fuel Cell for Household Use

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