3 Essential Questions To Ask When Choosing A Rigid Flex Manufacturer

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As the use of technology continues to boom, more and more rigid-flex PCB manufacturers are being established to meet the demands of the market. As a buyer, the variety of options is a good thing. On the downside, choosing the right manufacturer can be overwhelming and confusing, especially considering that not all manufacturers are created equal. To help you weed out the good ones from the bad ones, below are questions that you need to ask from rigid-flex PCB manufacturers before finalizing any kind of deal.

How Many Years Of Experience?

When it comes to rigid-flex PCB manufacturers, the experience is probably the most important thing that you should look for. If you are dealing with a manufacturer that has been around for years, then it’s a good sign that they are already competent in how they run their business and their capability to innovate is already tested.

Working with experienced manufacturers also means that you will be tapping into their experience. In most cases, the manufacturer will notify you with potential problems that you may not have spotted, which can then considerably save you lots of time and money.

Are You Officially And Fully Certified?

There are rigid-flex PCB manufacturers that can offer unbelievably low prices and/or offer fast delivery, but at the cost of quality. Keep in mind that certifications are directly linked to quality. A fully certified manufacturer ensures that there’s a third party that checks the finished products to make sure that they are up to standards. Unless you want to risk your capital, it’s best that you stay away from unofficially certified manufacturers.

Where Do You Manufacture Your Rigid Flex PCB?

This might sound surprising, but there are more brokers out there than actual manufacturers. This means that they may advertise and claim to be “rigid-flex manufacturer,” but in reality, they are just buying it from the real manufacturers, and re-selling it to you on a markup. Another problem with this scenario is the quality consistency of the finished product. If you are dealing with a broker, then it’s likely that they have multiple sources, which usually means inconsistent quality.

Hence, it’s crucial that you ask this question. If they don’t seem to know where they are manufacturing their rigid-flex PCB, then it’s highly possible that they are just brokers. Also, if you can verify their manufacturing plant, the better.

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