Turnkey PCB Assembly Supplier: We Aim to Reduce Your Costs

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Does Turnkey Printed Circuit Board Assembly cost include the cost of PCB fabrication, electronic component procurement, circuit board assembling, handling fees, and shipping charge? To search and compare the costs in different countries and companies could help to select the best Turnkey PCB assembly supplier and reduce the costs.

The PCB fabrication cost is determined by various elements, for example, size, shape & thickness of the PCB board, number of layers, quantity, etc. Before you quote for turnkey PCB assembling, you’d be better communicate with the manufacturer to tell them your specific requirement, so they could match the turnkey PCB that best fits your needs and offer you the lowest cost?

The PCB assembling cost consists of various factors such as the production of solder stencil, soldering process, placement of components through manual or automated, labor charge, the quality inspection techniques adopted, etc. Turnkey PCB assembling cost is closely related to the geographical location. Manufacturers aim to provide one-stop PCB assembling services which could save the cost.

By providing one-stop services, manufacturers are much easier to access all the resources from different modes of channels, and turnkey PCB assembling price, at the result, becomes affordable. These factors also have a considerable effect on lead time and shipping cost for turnkey circuit board assembling. The turn time offered by most of the electronic manufacturers is procurement lead time plus assembly lead times whereas the shipping cost depends upon various factors such as weight & size of the board and the location to be delivered.

Hemeixin allows customers to focus on their core business by completely handling all processes including PCB fabrication, component procurement, and circuit board assembling. We hope to establish a long-term relationship with many electronic component suppliers to best achieve a one-stop solution and provide the best quality components. To cooperate with different electronic component suppliers could help further to reduce turnkey PCB costs through their comprehensive solution which is specifically adapted as each customer needs.

Most turnkey PCB assembling manufacturers provide two types of assembling services: Full Turnkey service and Partial Turnkey service. So does Hemeixin. Customers could choose the type of Turnkey PCB assembly services, depending on the type of service opted. Our team will work closely with our customers to ensure them to get the highest level of cost savings.

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