Key Merits of Incorporating Heavy Copper in PCB Design

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Printed Circuit Boards go through rigorous stages and tests during the process of designing and manufacturing. These tests are crucial because the value of each PCB needs to be fully realized. During the assembly of PCB’s in modern days, a lot more technology is involved as components have become smaller and more complex. While there are many different standards applied when manufacturing PCB’s, a key trend has always been to use single-sided, double-sided or multilayer copper in the design. Heavy copper pcb is particularly preferred in the modern day for many reasons. Here are some of the key merits of incorporating heavy copper in PCB design.

Heavy Copper in PCB Design


The key advantage that comes with incorporating heavy copper in PCB design is strength and reliability. Not many boards are capable of enduring the many thermal strains and intense pressure in the circuit. By having a thick circuit, therefore, there is increased the overall strength of the system and thus improved reliability. The circuit boards designed this way are also better at handling mechanical pressure regardless of where they are used. There is also increased carrying capacity in heavy copper PCB’s compared to those made in lighter standards. Overall, heavy copper is much more stable, strong and reliable.


Another key advantage of heavy copper in PCB design is versatility. Circuit boards designed with heavy copper can be applied in many areas. They can be used in basic industries that deal in common gadgets or they can be applied in demanding industries that involve complex machinery. The reliability and strength that comes with heavy copper in PCB design make it possible to appeal to many different industries. The ability to withstand both mechanical and thermal strains also makes these boards indispensable. The adaptability of any heavy PCB depends only on the area of application and the specifications necessary for the particular board.

Heavy Copper in PCB Design


Finally, the best value is derived from PCB’s that have heavy copper in the design. The longevity and sturdiness offered by boards that have included heavy copper in PCB design are invaluable. Not only is there a guarantee of a bigger lifespan, but there is also value accrued from the ease of maintenance. Heavy copper boards are some of the easiest to maintain and incorporate into any system. This flexibility is great for saving crucial resources like time and money. Heavy copper PCB’s can also be mixed with standard boards without functional problems. Incorporating heavy copper in PCB design is thus the best way of making the boards practical for all kinds of applications.

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