Such as heavy copper pcb board

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The electrification of vehicles is progressing due to legal requirements and constantly introduced new features. Hybrid and electric cars are coming to market. Systems for renewable energy are growing strongly. These are only some application fields in which more power is applied or more heat has to be dissipated.

With our numerous variations we can offer the best solution for any high current application, such as heavy copper pcb board, extreme copper pcb board, inlay pcb board, power combi pcb board, IMS pcb board and cool pcb board.

The general parameters to be considered before and during the design of any printed circuit board, but focuses on boards incorporating copper weights ≥ 3oz/ft2. The following parameters can and will have a major impact on reliability and performance of the end product. Hemeixinpcb believes the parameters listed in this section are a MINIMUM to be considered. A comprehensive listing of all parameters and their design/performance tradeoffs is shown in IPC-2221.

Heavy Copper,usually we say is from 3-30 OZ.So far,the heaviest copper board we made was 40 OZ.Heavy copper PCB used for Welding Equipment,Power suppliers,Solar Panel,Automotive,Electrical Power Distribution,Power Converters.Heavy copper board has high voltage/current ,it is very dangerours when supply power,the board must be the right copper thickness.

  • Heavy copper pcb application
  • Welding Equipment
  • Solar Panel Manufacturers
  • Power Supplies
  • Automotive
  • Electrical Power Distribution
  • Power Converters

Industries that benefit from heavy copper pcb boards are military/defense, automotive, solar panel and welding equipment manufacturers, and other sectors that require boards that can handle the heat generated by today’s complex electronics. Another prime industry where heavy copper pcb makes sense is in industrial controls. Heavy copper pcb plated vias are best at transferring heat to an external heat sink. Efficient power distribution is important to ensure high reliability of the PCB and heavy copper pcb allows this to occur.

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