Multi-layer Heavy copper pcb support current carrying capacity

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Multilayer heavy copper PCB can have four to eight layers, up to fifteen ounces of copper per layer and interconnected with heavy copper in the vias. In both multilayer and double-sided heavy copper PCBs, the use of large thermal reliefs is of utmost importance for assembly. The heavy copper PCB conducts so much heat that you would never be able to solder the components.

A very advanced heavy copper PCB is the multilayer heavy copper PCB with two to five different copper levels, all interconnected and intertwined on the same layer. Note the extra vias in the large pads to pass more current and keep the pad attached, as well as providing a stronger pad for the bolt holding the cable in place.

While there is no standard definition of Heavy Copper PCB, it is generally accepted that if 3 ounces (oz) of copper or more is used on the internal and external layers of a printed circuit board, it is called a heavy copper PCB. Any circuit with a copper thickness of more than 4 oz per square foot (ft2) is also categorized as a heavy copper PCB. Extreme copper PCB means 20 oz per ft2 to 200 oz per ft2.

While we are 100% confident that we can create a heavy copper PCB manufacturable design for any application, less than 10% of those designs are pursued do the fact that the end product from the design is much more costly than the customer can afford.

The best way to avoid this challenge is to let us know at the very beginning what the budget is for the product so we can design something with that in mind or quickly determine if the target price is not realistic.

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