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Viessmann part numbers:

Viessmann: 91383 / Stopfexpress flexible circuits panel front (front_A + front_B soldered together)

Viessmann: 91637 / Stopfexpress flex pcb panel rear (rear_A + rear_B soldered together)

Flexible PCB manufacture for your design needs for smaller and higher density installations.

I also found a description for the panels:

Size: 76x5mm
Material: 2-sided, 0.2 mm flexible circuits
Design: 2 sided, solder mask on both sides, selectively tinned, borehole galvanized /VIA galvanized/
Note: Level0: 2d-lines the board

I also attached photos about the product.

We need 1 complete front flexi panel (which consist of front A + front B ), and we need 1 complete rear flexi panel (which consist of rear A + rear B )

We do NOT need the front(A+B) + rear(A+B) as a single panel (all the 4 parts together), we need it as I described above, front+ rear separated.



20 pairs means = 20 pcs of front (A+B) + 20 pcs of rear (A+B)

100 pairs means = 100 pcs of front (A+B) + 100 pcs of rear (A+B)

and so on…

BOM + marks:

You need resistors and LED’s only, as the BOM list describes.

K1 means the panel designers name. Do not bother with that.

R1 means resistor position 1 … so this is just a sign for part places

J1: we place the end of flexible panel into a connector (see DSCN9800-DSCN9808.jpg’s). You do not need to purchase the connector, we have this on stock, but I attach a datasheet of the connector (97907_5570-06-20-ST.pdf) if you need to investigate furthermore. You have to make sure the end of the flexible panel is very strong as you see on the picture. It is a strengthened design.

LED’s: you can replace the suggested LED’s with alternatives. As a reference, I attach 4 Everlight LED types which we can accept:

  • 16-213/R8C-DP2Q2B/3T-v2 (deep red)
  • 16-213/T3D-CP2Q2TY/3T (pure white)
  • 16-213/Y2C-AN2Q1B/3T (brilliant yellow)

Part assembly:

Stopf-front-A, Stopf-front-B: on the top side

Stopf-rear-A: both sides (top and bottom)

Stopf-Rear-B: on the bottom side

The size of SMD parts: 0402

Quality issues: the parts should be soldered well into the flexible pcb panel. We had samples from other suppliers where the LED fell off from their places or was sidelong placed (see attached LED position failures.jpg -> the good soldered LED is on the middle, indicated with a note: “jó”=good).

The flexible pcb should not have any contact issue, it must conduct well, and the LED’s should all light, if they turned on with our software (we have a controller unit where we can play with product settings, like turning on and off the LEDs in the end product). We will test all of the flexible pcb panels swhether they function well.

I hope I covered all of your questions and I am waiting for your price quotation.

Have a nice day!

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