Rigid-Flex PCB Design for your Application

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Hemeixinpcb can assemble hardware and electronic components onto your flex and rigid-flex PCB circuits. The purpose of this design guide is to enable you to design a highly reliable, flexible printed circuit optimized for manufacturability.

While using this guide, keep in mind that the design information provided is only a suggestion. HemeixinPCB takes pride in manufacturing flex circuits that are considered difficult to build. In most cases, we do build above and beyond the “standard” circuit specifications, provided that the circuit design and type allow for it.

Rigid-flex: A blend of rigid and flex emphasizing the best of both constructions, adding synergistic capabilities neither possess alone. In its most typical configuration, the rigid-flex PCB is a series of rigid PCBs joined by integrated flex circuits (with emphasis on the high percentage of rigid area content). Circuits designed primarily as flex circuits have great opportunities to increase your design capabilities when integrated rigid areas are added.

Rigid areas provide excellent hard mount points for components, connectors, and chassis while flex areas offer dynamic flexing, flex to fit, and component mounting poised to take advantage of these low mass and vibration resistant zones. This blending leads to creative solutions for your most demanding applications.

Double side component mounting: Rigid-flex PCB circuits are the ideal solution for flex circuits where surface mount components must be mounted on both sides of the board.

The total cost of ownership: The maximum benefit of rigid-flex PCB is realized when the complete installation is reviewed for a total cost of ownership. Using rigid-flex PCB eliminates connections in the flex-to-rigid transitions which can improve reliability and improve impedance control.

Most capable/Maximum vibration resistance: Lets you integrate the best capabilities of resistant rigid areas and resilient flex areas.

High mass component mounting: When mounting a high mass component, a rigid board is a right solution. A rigid-flex PCB board gives you a smooth transition between rigid and flex areas while preserving the benefits of each.

Rigid-flex PCB description:

IPC-6013, MIL-P-50884 – Type 4

Two or more conductive layers with either flexible or rigid insulation material as insulators between each one; outer layers may have covers or exposed pads.

A Rigid-flex has conductors on the rigid layers, which differentiates it from multilayer circuits with stiffeners. Plated through-holes extend through both rigid and flexible layers (with the exception of blind and buried vias). Rigid-flex costs more than a standard circuit with stiffeners.

Access holes or exposed pads without covers may be on either or both sides. Vias or interconnects can be fully covered for maximum insulation.

Stiffeners, pins, connectors, components, heat sinks, and mounting brackets are optional.

We also manufacture “flush” rigid-flex, where the top surface of contact areas is level with adjacent adhesive /insulation.

Hemeixinpcb is capable of sequentially laminating, drilling, and plating circuits, which allows for more flexibility in designing the circuit.

Rigid flex pcb Materials:

Polyimide film: ½ mil (12μm), 1 mil (25μm)*, 2 mils (50μm)*, 3 mils (75μm), 5 mil (125μm); Liquid Photo imageable Coverlay (LPI); Epoxy glass or polyimide glass (rigid-flex PCB).

Rigid-Flex circuit boards are composed of a combination of rigid and flexible circuit boards that are permanently connected to one another.

The proper application of Rigid-Flex PCB circuit boards offers optimum solutions for difficult, limited space conditions. This technology offers the possibility of a secure connection of device components with the assurance of polarity and contact stability, as well as a reduction in plug and connector components.

Additional advantages of Rigid-Flex PCB circuit boards are dynamic and mechanical stability, the resulting 3-dimensional freedom of design, simplified installation, space savings, and maintenance of uniform electrical characteristics.

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