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Get an instant printed circuit board quote online from our PCB calculator system

Hemeixin PCB put up a PCB calculator system in www.hemeixinpcb.com. If you need a China PCB supplier or China Turnkey PCB assembly manufacturer without time difference service for you? Our PCB calculator system is a 24 hours PCB cost estimator not only for your Rigid PCB, Flex PCB, Rigid Flex circuit board and Turnkey PCB assembly but also can get an instant PCB quote for your Quick turn PCB or fast PCB prototype. It is not difficult to request a PCB assembly and quick turn PCB quote from Hemeixin PCB of China PCB manufacturer.

Our PCB calculator system also includes some special requirements such as impedance control PCB, limited line spacing, and width PCB, blind vias PCB, buried vias PCB, epoxy filled PCB(vias in pad PCB), countersinks holes PCB, HDI micro vias PCB and other rigid PCB or rigid flex circuit etc. You can find HDI micro vias PCB price up to three deep HDI PCB cost from our PCB calculator system. Of course, you can get three deep rigid flex circuits PCB price or 24 hours quick turnaround PCB prototype cost from our PCB calculator system. PCB calculator system can also support for your Hot PCB inquiry or urgent PCB RFQ with 24 hours. Maybe our PCB online system or PCB calculate system is not enough intelligent. If you have any questions or need some supports. Please don’t hesitate to contact us or send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

To get an instant PCB quote or submit a request for a PCB quote in our PCB calculator system. Please provide some basic PCB information:

  • A PCB part number (including revision number) for your design to ease tracking
  • Your deadline for order shipment, known as turnaround (short turnaround increases cost)
  • The quantity of boards required
  • Board thickness (.062 inches, .032 inches, .093 inches). .062 inches is standard
  • Type of board material (FR4, high-temp FR4, Rogers, Teflon, etc). FR4 is standard
  • Number of layers
  • Surface finish (SMOBC, HAL, immersion gold, etc). SMOBC and HAL are standard
  • The color for solder mask and component overlay. Green is standard
  • Copper weight on outer layer (1 oz., 2 oz., etc). 1 oz. is standard
  • Copper weight on inner layers (.5 oz., 1 oz.). Either is standard
  • The minimum trace and space widths in your design
  • Indicate your board dimensions on a mechanical layer
  • Do you want your boards to remain panelized, or supplied individually cut?

Files required for bare-board fabrication: Gerber files, drill files, IPC-356A (optional)

Files required for SMT assembly: Gerber files, drill files, X-Y data, Bill of Materials (BOM) in Excel format (for both consigned and turnkey orders).

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