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The modern world relies heavily on technology for everyday needs. Whether this reliance is healthy or not is another debate, but one thing is certain; large businesses, organizations, and even individual humans might find it hard to transition from technology to a more archaic or primitive lifestyle.

It is no wonder that technology has allowed humans to bypass genetic evolution, but what is it that makes technology evolve? Take all of the crafty hardware away, and you’re left with one thing – innovation. Innovation fans the flames of evolution in every walk and aspect of life, and the same is the case with technological advancement.

Humans have found ways to upgrade the most basic and vital electrical components, circuit boards. Their modern counterparts are called printed circuit boards (PCBs), and they fall into three distinct categories. They are as follows:

1. Rigid Circuit Boards
2. Flex Circuit Boards
3. Rigid-Flex Circuit Boards

Many companies have adopted a business model based on manufacturing printed circuit boards. Hemeixin Electronics Co., Ltd is one of those companies. Better yet, it is one of the leading manufacturers of PCB technology, design guides, and applications. So, what makes such companies strongly advocate for the integration of PCBs into modern electrical applications?

In this article, we will explore the benefits and importance of flex pcb and rigid-flex pcb boards offered by Hemeixin Electronics.

Flex PCB Boards

Printed circuit boards made using thin, flexible sheets that can be bent or manipulated are called flex circuit boards. They can easily implement the functions of a traditional circuit board, but their efficiency lies in their ability to fold and bend, which allows designers to fit them into limited spaces. Their spatial efficiency has increased their use in consumer electronics and medical appliances.

Since they are so thin and flexible, they afford a certain sense of durability due to better shock and vibration absorption. Today, their integration into consumer electronics has increased long-term appliance reliability by ensuring that circuit boards continue to function throughout a device’s expected life. Not only that, but flex circuit boards can be bent, folded, or looped for an indefinite number of cycles when used correctly.

Rigid-Flex PCB Boards

These circuit boards combine the flexibility of flex circuit boards with the rigidity and stability of rigid circuit boards. The resulting hybrid rigid-flex circuit boards are more stable and efficient than their counterparts.

Rigid-flex circuit boards are designed with a flexible layer that is contained within a rigid board. The flexible substrate is usually molded into a permanent curve, so it maintains a constant flex design. These designs are based on One Time Crease flex circuit board design and eliminate the need for extra connectors and flexible wears that are prone to wear and tear inside an appliance. This further enhances the reliability and efficiency of printed circuit boards.

Flex and rigid-flex PCB boards have become one of the most popular choices in electrical application design.

Circuit Boards by Hemeixin

Hemeixin Electronics is a big advocate of printed circuit boards. Being a manufacturing company that produces PCBs, you might think that is exactly what such a business would do, but it would serve you well to remember that Hemeixin promotes the use of circuit boards; it is not the sole manufacturer of such products. So, let’s take a look at the advantages they highlight, so you can decide for yourself.

With portable communication products on the rise, Hemeixin provides flex and rigid-flex circuit boards with flexible dielectric cores down to 25 µm in size. This allows designers for three-dimensional product assembly and gives them the ability to fit the circuitry to the design instead of doing the opposite. Flex and rigid-flex PCBs offer users more freedom and control over the design.

Moreover, the use of PCBs allows for smaller package sizes, the development of compact devices, improved resistance to vibrations and movement, and, of course, flexibility.

Circuit Density

Circuit boards by Hemeixin offer more circuit density as well as 0.001 – 0.002" dielectric, which facilitates the use of thin and ultra-light packaging. In addition, the use of adhesive laminate, HDI, and thin copper layers make flex and rigid-flex circuit boards the preferred choice for fine line technology applications.

High Tensile Strength
Due to the materials they use and the circuit board design, rigid-flex circuit boards have high tensile strength and bendability, which allows them near 360° flexibility. It means that they can virtually be bent or manipulated in any way without fear of breakage.

More on Hemeixin Electronics
Circuit boards by Hemeixin are built through automated processes that make them less prone to human error, particularly mistakes during soldering, wire routing, or warping. This results in a more precise design.

Moreover, their circuit boards are insanely robust and flexible, so much so that you might never need to go for custom designs. The PCBs they offer can be configured and manipulated in different ways to satisfy your application design requirements. Hemeixin allows for more creative space while allowing you to downsize systems and reduce space limitation issues.

The increased circuit density that Hemeixin products provide helps with more than just device design. It goes without saying that increased density helps reduce the need for cables and connectors, but innovators will appreciate that a higher device density population also allows for more features to be added to a product!

For more advanced needs, you even have multiple PCBs to choose from, including multilayer flex PCBs, HDI in PCBs, double-sided circuitry, sculptured flex PCBs, and more. Last but not least, flex and rigid-flex circuits increase the functionality of products due to their thin and less bulky size, which also results in longer operational duration. Visit Hemeixin Electronics and witness this leading manufacturer’s innovation in PCB design. You might end up getting an instant quote today!

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