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Have you ever looked at your iPhone and wondered how it works? Maybe you’ve seen a broken TV remote or an electric battery-powered toy. The tiny green boards sticking out of broken electrical appliances are called circuit boards. They allow current to travel and make the device function.

Recent years have seen phenomenal technological advances, especially in regards to the reduced size of products. All of that has been made possible due to innovations in circuit board design. Modern circuit boards are made using printing technology and are very resilient in terms of robust structure.

Many companies are solely based on manufacturing and selling these printed circuit boards to various clients in the tech sector since they have to be custom-built for every system. If you are familiar with printed circuit boards, chances are you might have heard of rigid boards. Similarly, there are two other types: flex circuit boards and hybrid rigid-flex circuit boards. These other two variants have been dominating the market, and for good reason!

In this article, we will explore the nature and utility of flex PCBs and how companies like Hemeixin Electronics, are adding more value to these innovative products. So, what is flex PCB?

What is Flex circuit?

Simply put, a flex PCB is just a flexible circuit board that can be bent, looped, or folded over itself to fit into an appliance. Compared to conventional circuit boards, this feature allows flex PCBs to fit inside tiny spaces. It allows designers to build small working devices like smartphones, smartwatches, and mini-tablets. More examples of application designs with limited space include medical appliances such as blood pressure and blood sugar measurement devices.

In addition, it’s not just that flexible circuit boards can be bent; what is really interesting is that correctly designed flex PCBs can be manipulated in different ways for an indefinite number of cycles! So, what advantages would they manifest? Let’s see.


The most useful feature is obviously the one in their names. Flex PCBs are flexible! The feature allows designers for more creative control and the ability to fit the circuit board into the final design without having to introduce big changes in the final structure.

Lightweight and Durable

Not only do they increase the range of connectivity, but the design itself is very lightweight and flexible. This allows for better shock and vibration absorption, which increases long-term product reliability. Successfully increasing the durability of products has made flex circuit boards increasingly popular in markets. More and more companies are employing their use in consumer electronics, missile guidance systems, and even satellites in space!

Flex Circuit Boards by Hemeixin Electronics

So, how are flexible circuit boards by Hemeixin Electronics better? Well, all human inventions, no matter how perfectly crafted, still have flaws. That is also the case with flexible circuit boards. There might be many structural flaws owing to faulty design or insufficient research regarding their utility.

However, that is where companies like Hemeixin Electronics come into play. The company offers a broad array of flex circuit boards depending on the nature of an application’s design. A big issue with flex circuit boards is about using the wrong kind of PCB for a particular design.

Moreover, they offer printed circuit boards with the base made using polyimide resin or polyester resin, which allows them to be bent or manipulated according to the creative needs of any particular application!

In addition, they don’t just provide better materials rather more streamlined innovation. Let’s assume you want to manufacture mid-power LEDs, which are moderate density applications, but the flex boards you are using do not fulfill the thermal requirements of your application. Integrating heat dissipating capabilities to a circuit board is very important, considering electrical appliances generate a lot of heat.

Fortunately, Hemeixin provides single-sided (circuits on one side) FR-4/ CEM PCBs, which provide excellent thermal insulation as well as large copper lands. Excess heat generated by an LED is allowed to spread across these large copper areas and dissipated to a secondary heat sink. FR-4/ CEM PCBs enhance heat dissipation of electrical appliances as well boost thermal performance.

Similarly, there are a lot of products that are built for their increased specificity. Not only do the folks at Hemeixin pride themselves in manufacturing hard-to-design printed circuit boards, but you can also get your own designs made by them. Their printed circuits have the following properties that make them a really good choice:

  • Soft
  • Thin
  • Ductile
  • Small
  • Flexible
  • Have high-wiring density

If all these features, including the best sourced materials, is not enough to convince you, Hemeixin Electronics offer you a comprehensive range of PCBs and features to choose from, including:

  • Sculptured flex PCB circuits
  • Single or double-sided circuitry
  • EMI/RF shielding
  • Stainless steel stiffeners
  • Adhesive-based or adhesiveless constructions that reduce the need for connectors and flexible cables to save space

They also provide special offers, which include heavy copper flexible circuits, polyimide flexible heaters, Kapton polyimide heaters, and long flexible circuit boards up to 2100 mm. A particular popular addition has been their line of HDI flex PCBs that offer higher circuit density compared to traditional flex circuit boards. These tweaks and changes to the basic structure of flex PCBs have allowed them to become increasingly used in tiny products, such as mobile phones, information appliances, and personal digital assistants.

These designs also have a lot to do with the bend radius or capabilities of these circuits. Since durability and long-term appliance reliability are important aspects to consider, Hemeixin Electronics fulfills your device’s structural and energy demands and maximizes the bend radius of flex boards so they can continue to function efficiently throughout the device’s lifespan.

In doing so, Hemeixin offers you the best circuit solutions through their rigorously tested and thoroughly validated flexible circuit boards. Visit their webpage and see all the different flexible circuit boards by Hemeixin Electronics today!

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