The traditional single layer PCB manufacturing process

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PCB production processes are constantly changing as process technology advances. It also varies with PCB manufacturers using different process technologies and PCB types.

In other words, different production processes and process technologies are used to produce the same or similar PCB products. The traditional single layer PCB manufacturing process is still the basis of the board production process.

Single-layer PCB manufacturing process is the basis of the circuit board production process. There are many restrictions on the circuit design. Because there is only one side of the single-layer printed circuit board, the wiring can not cross and must bypass the original path, so there are only simple or early circuits. Use this type of board.

The single-layer PCB manufacturing process is relatively simple. Since the single panel is generally made of a phenolic resin paper-based copper clad laminate. So the typical manufacturing process of the single-layer PCB manufacturing process is as follows:

Single-sided copper-clad laminate → blanking (brushing, drying) → drilling or punching → screen printing line anti-etching pattern or using dry film → curing, inspection, and repair → etching copper → removing resist, drying → brushing, drying → Screen printing solder mask pattern (common green oil), UV curing → screen printing character marking pattern, UV curing → shape processing → electrical opening, short circuit test → brushing, drying → pre-coating welding anti-oxidant (drying) or hot tin spraying Leveling → sub-board, inspection and packaging → finished product delivery.

The most critical process in the single-layer PCB manufacturing process can be summarized as follows:

  1. Preparation of photographic plates: The preparation of photographic plates is a key step in the single-layer PCB manufacturing process, the quality of which directly affects the quality of the final product; photographic plates are now generally drawn directly on the lithograph using computer-aided design.
  2. Screen printing: Screen printing is the key process of the single-layer PCB manufacturing process.
  3. etching
  4. machining
  5. pre-coating flux.


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