Briefly explain PCB drilling

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PCB drilling concept

PCB drilling is a process of PCB plate making and a very important step. Mainly to punch the board, need to make a line, you need to make a hole, the structure needs, make a hole to do what; the multi-layer board punch is not finished once, some holes are buried in the circuit board, some are in The board is open above, so there will be one drill and two drills.

PCB Circuit board drilling consumables

  • CNC drilling machines or more advanced laser drilling equipment.
  • Different types of drill bits are required depending on the factory production, and the rubber particles required for the drill bit.
  • Manual grinding machine
  • Ultrasonic drill cleaning machine;
  • The backing plate and aluminum sheet required for production are indispensable, as well as a red film; it is used to ensure the quality of production;
  • Double-sided tape and single-sided tape for fixing. There is also a PIN nail, which requires a multi-layer board and an HDI board for the second drill.

Detailed PCB circuit board drilling technology

With the widespread use of surface mount technology and the manufacture of high-density boards, the demand for small-bore drilling has also increased, and there are still many technical difficulties with small hole drills. From the point of view of drilling, the general aperture in the double-row pin IC hole focuses on solving problems such as drilling, hole wall roughness, tool life, etc. For small hole drilling, the following points are emphasized.

  • The needle should not be broken;
  • Hole position accuracy is better;
  • The inner wall of the hole should be smooth;
  • Long tool life;
  • Reduce the extent of the occurrence of drilling;
  • Reduce the hair at the infeed/outlet opening;

Since the aperture diameter of the small hole is much larger than that of the general hole, the accuracy of the broken needle and the hole position is also more important because the flexibility of the drill pin is lowered and the chip removing groove is difficult to reduce the chip removal. If the drilling machine, the drilling conditions, and the used burs are not discussed, there are still many problems that cannot be solved. The shape and material of the drilling needle are further improved, the drilling problem will be reduced, and under the current conditions, the production and tool life can be improved to some extent. For the geometry of the drill (drill angle), the length of the groove, and the cross-section of the drill, carbide can be added to provide a higher-strength drill for more efficient drilling and ultra-small bore PCB  drilling.

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