Pcb production line equipment, as its name implies, is the equipment used on the PCB production line.

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There are many types of equipment involved in PCB production line equipment. Here, PCB production line equipment is divided into six aspects.

Pcb production line equipment is as follows:

  • 1. PCB pre-production equipment. Including PCB electronic film developer, fixer, automatic film processor, development, plating, etching, film removal and other machine nozzles.
  • 2. PCB machining equipment. Including vacuum laminating machine, vacuum laminating machine, PCB substrate sanding grinder, PCB forming machine, PCB inner layer fusion machine, fully automatic alignment fusion machine, PCB press machine.
  • 3. Electroplating / wet process equipment. Including development etching release film, chemical nickel gold production line, PCB production line.
  • 4. Screen printing / dry process equipment. Including a variety of UV curing machine, precision hot air oven, oven, human-machine interface UV curing machine, CM-650 type surface cleaning machine, FZJ-60J/FZJ-80J/FZJ-90J vertical flat screen printing machine.
  • 5. PCB test / quality control equipment. Including CMI900X fluorescent coating thickness gauge, CMI563 surface copper thickness tester, HOTLINK precision (ventilation) high-temperature tester, HOTLINK large-scale constant temperature and humidity test room, WALCHEM chemical nickel deposition automatic controller, COMPACT ECO-PCB type X-ray fluorescent coating thickness gauge, test fixture test stand, SWET-2100e solderability tester, gold point electronic high voltage special test machine.
  • 6. PCB/SMT soldering equipment. Including lead-free all-stainless steel semi-automatic tin slag reduction machine, a fully automatic spray used wave soldering, wave soldering to lead-free business.

At the beginning of the above PCB production line equipment, some other electronic equipment will be involved in the production process of PCB. Such as PCB ink mixing equipment, tin slag reduction machine and so on.

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  • Pcb production line equipment, as its name implies, is the equipment used on the PCB production line.
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