Hemeixin HDI Microvia PCB Technology – Cost Aspects

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HDI microvia PCBs are primarily used in advanced electronic devices. The use of microvias improves interconnections in HDI PCB; however, as a consequence, it also increases the HDI microvia PCB cost. Using different microvias, such as stacked, skip, staggered, blind, and buried, impacts HDI microvia PCB cost and helps devices in their miniaturization.

Adding microvias in PCB decreases its number of layers. It improves signal transmission, so you might feel that your HDI microvia PCB cost is high. However, in the long term, due to their efficiency and small size, HDI microvia PCB cost is less than traditional PCB boards with greater layers.

HDI microvia PCB is undoubtedly expensive, and many factors affect HDI microvia PCB cost. However, getting them from a reliable manufacturer such as Hemeixin can give you the best HDI microvia PCB cost.

What is HDI microvia PCB

In order to find out HDI microvia PCB cost let us first understand HDI microvia PCB. HDI microvias are specialized PCB circuits with better interconnections between their layers due to microsize laser drilled holes. As these PCB interconnect holes are laser drilled, HDI microvia PCB cost is high.

The HDI microvia PCB cost also depends on the number of layers present in the HDI PCB, as more layers mean more types of microvias used for better interconnection. To improve circuitry and current flow, which compacts the circuit but increases HDI microvia PCB cost. 

How Hemeixin Fabricates HDI microvia PCB & how it affects its Cost

Hemeixin is one the leading HDI microvia PCB fabricator that uses specialized PCB material and advanced techniques to fabricate HDI microvia PCBs for their clients; their process is discussed below

HDI PCBs are fabricated using fine dielectric layers and fine copper foil lamination. These high-quality and expensive PCB materials increase HDI microvia PCB cost.

LDL is also used in its printing which is quite expensive and further increases HDI microvia PCB cost. Microvias are drilled using laser drills which also impacts HDI microvia PCB cost. Laser-drilled microvias are filled using copper or other expensive conductive material, impacting HDI microvia PCB cost.

Lastly, use of sequential lamination in HDI PCB enhances the HDI microvia PCB cost. Hemeixin also utilizes advanced PCB design software in its design stage and impacts HDI microvia PCB cost.

Types of HDI microvia PCB

According to IPC, there are three major types of HDI microvia PCB, and all of them have different HDI microvia PCB cost due to the use of different fabrication steps and the number of microvias and vias used in them. The same majority of materials are used in them, but the quantity is different, which impacts HDI microvia PCB cost.

The type 1 HDI microvia PCB cost is different from type 2, and the type 2 HDI microvia PCB cost is different from type three. In types 1 and 2, one layer of microvias is present on both sides of the HDI PCB core layer but buried vias are used only in type 2, which changes their cost.

Type three uses two layers of microvias on single or both sides of the HDI PCB core layer, due to which they are most complex to fabricate, and type 3 HDI microvia PCB cost is high due to extra laser drilling, plating, and lamination steps.

Benefits of HDI microvia PCB

Due to their small size, HDI microvia PCB is used in automobiles and safety devices. Many cars use this circuit to improve their automotive sensors and efficiency. However, these cars are expensive due to the additional HDI microvia PCB cost, but these cars are more reliable than other cars that do not use them.

Military and aerospace electronic devices need to operate in harsh climatic conditions, so HDI circuits are ideal for them. As HDI microvia PCB cost is high, these devices are also expensive, but their reliability makes them perfect for our security and protection.

Lastly, telecommunication and medical devices use HDI PCBs in them due to their better signal transition and performance at high frequencies. HDI PCBs with ELIC microvias connections are primarily used in smartphones to make them more compact, feature-rich, and useful to us. 

Applications of HDI microvia PCB

HDI PCBs are majorly used in high-frequency devices. Generally, HDI microvia PCB cost is high, but they are used in advanced compact electronic items such as smartphones, laptops, wearable medical circuits, vehicle security systems, and various communication devices, making them valuable for the electronic manufacturer.

No matter how high HDI microvia PCBs cost, they reduce our devices' weight and size, making them more portable and easy to use. Comparing Hemeixin's 6-layer HDI microvia PCB cost with traditional 8-layer circuits, HDI circuits are cheaper and better to use in complex electronic items.

How does Design affect HDI microvia PCB Cost

To design advanced HDI circuits, Hemeixin designers use excellent PCB design tools that impact HDI microvia PCB cost. Due to the addition of multi microvias and advanced routing during the designing process, HDI microvia PCB cost increases

Additional routing tests to check the HDI circuit's reliability also raise HDI microvia PCB cost. Lastly, HDI microvia PCB cost during Design is affected by the size and number of layers used in the HDI circuit.

Thus, to avoid high HDI microvia PCB cost, mention your specifications clearly while ordering your HDI circuit.

How to minimize HDI microvia PCB Cost

Hemeixin is the leading HDI PCB manufacturer. Their HDI microvia PCB cost is better than many other manufacturers' non-HDI designs. To reduce their HDI microvia PCB cost, you must carefully order your custom HDI PCB. You can use more blind and buried vias in HDI PCB to reduce HDI microvia PCB cost.

Select the best HDI PCB material while ordering to decrease HDI microvia PCB cost. Use Hemeixin 18” x 24” HDI microvia PCB to reduce HDI microvia PCB cost. You can order their specialized quick-turn HDI circuit to ease the HDI microvia PCB cost.

Final Words:

In this article, we have discussed HDI microvia PCB cost and factors that affect it. In order to get the best HDI PCBs with the best HDI microvia PCB cost, contact Hemeixin PCB; they will provide the best HDI circuits at the most market-competitive prices.

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