Top 10 Applications for Printed Circuit Boards

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Printed circuit boards are among the most used electronic items in manufacturing electronic devices. Whether it is a simple memory card or a high-tech satellite, each of them has various types of printed circuit boards in them.

Printed circuit boards are constructed of non-conductive substances with traces, pads, and many other characteristics carved from conducting metal, such as copper, that interconnect the electronic parts within a device. Some printed circuit boards also feature additional electronic components such as resistors and capacitors to enhance their features.

Printed circuit boards are categorized as rigid and flexible, single-sided, double-sided, or multiple-sided. You can customize printed circuit boards with various features per your electronic device's primary circuit requirement.

There are various applications of printed circuit boards, and this article discusses the top ten among them.

Applications for Printed Circuit Boards

1.      Medical Devices

Modern technology is continuously being introduced into the medical field, and printed circuit boards enhance electronic device capabilities. PCBs are employed in testing, treatment, diagnostic, and observation types of equipment, among other applications in the medical field.

These advanced printed circuit boards are used to promote patients' health. Hence, they must be highly trustworthy. Thus, these device manufacturers always employ reliable and effective printed circuit boards; otherwise, it can lead to dangerous consequences for patient health. Printed circuit boards must also often fulfill strict sanitary criteria, IPC standards, and function when used in medical devices.

Medical imaging systems, monitoring devices, CT scanners, wearable medical devices, ultrasonic scans, infusion pumps, and even internal transplanted medical devices are among the equipment that employs printed circuit boards in their primary and secondary circuits.

2.      LEDs

Printed circuit boards serve as a diverse foundation for many LED-based applications because LEDs acquire far more variety when combined with printed circuit boards in their structure. LED lights rapidly gained popularity across many sectors thanks to their minimal energy consumption, remarkable efficiency, and excellent light production.

Printed circuit boards based LEDs can be found in Led bulbs, including smart lights, which help residents to light their houses more effectively. LED lights using Printed circuit boards are also present in-car infotainment systems which help display dashboard information, vehicle headlights, and braking systems.

Medical devices also employ printed circuit boards and LED lights that emit heat and light for devices, and they are perfect for medical devices, particularly those involving the operation and urgent medical care.

3.       Industrial Sector

The industrial sector, particularly enterprises with manufacturing and production operations, mainly uses printed circuit boards in their equipment. In addition to being electrical components necessary for day-to-day operations, printed circuit boards also allow mechanization, which could help firms save money and prevent human error in industrial operations.

Printed circuit boards can be specially built to handle high-power operations and the harsh conditions required by the manufacturing sector. Assembly machines, power inverters, ramps, and conveyors are examples of industrial equipment that utilize printed circuit boards in their construction and are widely used in industry.

4.      Safety and Security Industry

Printed circuit boards are used in many security devices for homes, companies, or government systems. Printed circuit boards play a more significant part in our security and safety.

Printed circuit boards are used in surveillance cameras, whether inside or outside, and devices are used to monitor surveillance video. Smoke alarms and other comparable equipment use printed circuit boards, such as carbon monoxide gas detectors.

Printed circuit boards are also used in new digital security doors. Printed circuit boards are also used in safety scanners and defense equipment such as radars, satellites, drones, and other devices that play a critical role in our safety and security.

5.      Telecommunication Devices

Printed circuit boards are an essential component of telecommunications devices. They are in telecommunication devices such as cell phones, computers, satellites, etc. Mobile towers also utilize printed circuit boards for communication. 

Many types of communication equipment, such as modems, servers, and IP electronic devices, use printed circuit boards to generate and receive communication signals.

6.      Automotive Devices

Vehicles in the current automobile industry use various complex electrical and electronic elements that employ printed circuit boards to deliver functionality. Various sensors in an automobile use printed circuit boards for the security of drivers driving them.

GPS navigation systems in automobiles rely on printed circuit boards to work correctly, printed circuit boards in vehicle dashboards allow them to link to the radio or multimedia player. Fuel regulators, Power supplies, and engines employ printed circuit boards to regulate and monitor automobiles.

7.      Aerospace Devices

Printed circuit boards are used in aerospace devices due to their feature of working under highly severe climatic and temperature conditions. Printed circuit boards are found in airplanes, satellites, spacecraft, and communications networks used in aerospace devices. 

Printed circuit boards enable aerospace devices to work under extreme temperatures and repeated vibration shocks. PCBs such as RF and microwave are specially designed for aerospace devices.

8.      Consumer Electronics

Smartphones, Personal computers, entertainment systems, home appliances, and a wide range of other everyday consumer electronic items rely on printed circuit boards to work. Printed circuit boards are becoming increasingly common in our daily live devices due to their outstanding features.

Electronic manufacturers are introducing the latest compact electronic consumer goods with numerous sophisticated features, thanks to the printed circuit boards in their power circuits.

9.      Marine Appliances

Nearly all maritime devices and equipment require printed circuit boards to function correctly. Printed circuit boards are present in massive freight ships to tiny boats. Printed circuit boards are primarily used in communications and navigation systems of marine devices. Printed circuit boards such as RF PCB, HDI PCB, and HF PCB are used in marine devices.

10. Computer Electronics

Printed circuit boards are also used in computers to power the displays and multiple indicators on desktops and laptops for their better functioning and power-saving ability. Aluminum PCB is specially used in computers to save energy and improve their functioning.

Final Words:

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