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flexible circuit

flexible circuit

Release time: 2019-12-03


We are searching for a flexible circuit (electronics) with soldered parts, and we would like to receive your price quotation. Please find attached the required documents.

flexible circuit

Product name: STOPFEXPRESS

Viessmann part numbers:

Viessmann: 91383 / Description: Flexible circuit panel Stopfexpress front

Viessmann: 91637 / Description: Flexible circuit panel Stopfexpress back


Quantities: SAMPLES (20 pairs) / 100 pairs / 500 pairs / 1000 pairs

This is the first phase: product calculation, therefore we need price offers to choose from.


Side notes:

  • We want you to build the whole product on your own, so you need to purchase the parts (LED, resistor) and solder on it.
  • We need an individually outlined products, which means we need every single panels cut off (outline by laser or punch-out machine), because we do not have any device to cut out the panel lines manually.
  • You can replace old LED types like LL-S160WC-W2-1C with for example alternative Everlight LED’s.
  • We have another product, named ROBEL, the final files will be ready next week. Quantity will be more, at least 6000 pcs – 10000 pcs.


I am waiting for your quotation in the meantime.


Thank you very much.