flexible film circuit

It is an interesting flexible film circuit

The flexible film circuit is made of PET thin film as the base material and is flexible. At present, the thin-film circuit board is widely used in electronic machinery automation control, instrumentation, medical equipment, consumer electronics, computer, communication, measurement and household appliances, toys and so on. The flexible film circuit has many advantages, such as good flexibility, lightweight, stable transmission performance, shock resistance, low price, and green environmental protection, which makes the flexible film circuit have many advantages compared with other circuits. In the design of moving parts, the flexible film circuit can be moved and bent up to 500 million times without failure. Due to the excellent thermal stability of polyimide, the flexible film circuit can withstand extremely high temperatures and work continuously in a harsh environment. Flexible film circuits can be interconnected between two or more planes during execution and can be operated multiple times during installation and execution without electronic failures. The flexibility and flexibility of the flexible film circuit allow its package size to be reduced, which in turn reduces the packaging weight. With the increasing demand for the electronics industry, weight reduction can make the flexible film circuit maintain strong competitiveness.

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