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Rigid-flex Circuits Stackup

Rigid-flex Circuits Stackup

Release time: 2019-12-03

Rigid-flex circuits is a complicated product that demands a lot of interaction between the PCB provider and the customers. Like other complex products, early discussions between Hemeixinpcb and the designer is necessary to optimize the design for manufacturability and to optimize costs. Hemeixinpcb supports rigid-flex circuits boards for higher volume requirements.

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Rigid-flex circuits technology using ELIC is receiving increased emphasis in new product designs to achieve:


Higher volumetric interconnection of components and structural featuring within the PCB.


Elimination of traditional connectors and ACF bonding FPCs to rigid PCBs within herent cost and reliability issues.


Laminate, Materials, Chemistry, and Equipment suppliers roadmaps are on track to provide compatible LF/HF materials and µvia process systems for Rigid-flex to move to mainstream.


Global market demand for Smartphones and Tablets have accelerated (and funded) the technology development of stacked µvias and associated mass production infrastructure.


Filled via rigid-flex circuits technologies are now essential rigid-flex circuits PCB fabrication processes to achieve high SMT yield and reliability for Area Array IC package and fine pitch passive components assembly.


Filled and stacked µvia sequential processing is maturing to very high yields.


Conventional PTH Rigid-flex circuits Product Examples

Rigid-flex circuits

Rigid-flex circuits

Rigid-flex circuits

ELIC HDI Rigid-flex circuits Technologies

Rigid-flex circuits

Rigid-flex circuits

Rigid-flex circuits

Filled µvia HDI

Technical Advantages of solid via

Improved solder join reliability

Elimination of air bubble

Reduce solder short in BGA (0.5mm pitch or less )

Improved PCB design

Enhance circuit routing flexibility

Size reduction of PCB

Rigid Flex Circuit

Improve thermal performance

Enhance signal quality (shorter path)

Plated stacked uVia Process overview

Rigid Flex Circuit