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rigid flexible PCB

rigid flexible PCB

Release time: 2019-12-03

About your rigid flexible PCB questions:

rigid flex pcb

1.  Could you please provide us CAD drawing including board mechanical and rigid flexible PCB stack up? (As attached CAD drawing example)

Answer: We discuss about this right now. Please wait. In the meantime please see some more slides attached.


2.  Could you please provide us rigid flexible PCB electrical schematics? (As attached PDF example)

Answer: Schematic is not existing. But I have an excel assignment table for you. You can see the pins (green coloumn) which need to be assigned on each 260pin Cannon connector. Theses pins include powers pins up to 3A (12A pulsed) and digital pins up to 50MHz. Please check whether 50ohm impedance controlled lines are feasible with flexible PCB.


3. How many size of rigid flexible PCB board do you need? ( length, width). It would be great if you can provide us mechanical outline.

Answer. Same as 1. We discuss right now. But upfront some information: The large board has 550mmx480mm outline. Thickness is 6.35mm. The flexible PCB which is coming out of the large board has a width of approximately 80mm. The thickness is depending on layer quantity and on the required bending radius, I guess. Please could you inform us, which is the minimum bending radius of a flex PCB at which flex PCB thickness?


4.  Shielding of flex PCB, we need to know signal type, signal speed( such as 1G, 2G,3G etc).

Answer: We have powers pins up to 3A, 12A pulsed and digital pins up to 50MHz.