Multilayer Flexible PCB

You now have a cost effective alternative to flat cable and expensive connector integration approaches: multi-layer flexible printed circuits where each layer is produced using adhesive and adhesiveless type polyimide (PI) film substrates with copper trace thicknesses ranging from 18um to 140um. Your design can be rendered into multilayer stackups that include single and multiple air gaps for conformal installations, conventional plated through hole (PTH) plating, plus coverlay and solder mask circuit protection.

We can offer:

  • Multilayer circuitry-from 3 to 16+ layers   
  • AP – pyralux Dupont   
  • TK-  Flex PTFE (DUPONT)
  • No flow prepregs (GF, GI, acrylic) 
  • Adhesive-based and adhesiveless constructions                   
  •  Surface finishes include anti-tarnish, immersion silver,tin, solder,    electroplated nickel/gold, and ENIG            
  • Film stiffeners/ Polyimide Stiffeners
  •  EMI /RFI shielding
  • Stainless steel stiffeners
  • Aluminum Stiffeners
  • Controlled impedance
  •  No MOQ/MOV prototype
  • Large format flexible circuit

Flexible circuits

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